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We are a Pittsburgh, PA based agency that specializes in designing, building and marketing web-scale applications.

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We design, build and market scalable web solutions

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New Year Updates

9th January 2013 by Jon

As we enter 2013, ThoughtScale is no longer taking on new work or clients. Jon, the founder, is now working full time for an awesome company, Stitch Fix. It was great fun experimenting with ThoughtScale, but Jon’s interests are more aligned with being a very long term asset to a company, something that is hard to do without being a full time employee.

We do however have plenty of awesome developers and designers to set you up with for your next project. Please feel free to contact us if you would like a great referral.

Designers and Developers looking for work should definitely reach out as well because we do still get requests for projects and want to be sure to connect all interested parties.

I’m not sure what the future holds for ThoughtScale but we may be back in the future, albeit likely in another form. Best wishes for 2013!

New website for Jeremy Lin

4th August 2012 by Jon

We just finished up building the new website for Jeremy Lin, teaming up with David Lu for the design. Check out the Linsanity at the all new!

New portfolio items

12th May 2012 by Jon

We’ve been really busy over the last couple months and so I’m just now taking a few minutes to share some screenshots of what we’ve been up to. More detailed information about each is probably in order, but I really have to get back to work again already… more to come soon!